2020 Tournament Schedule

March Event Start
14 Saint Patricks Tournament 10am shotgun
28 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 1 10am Starting Times
29 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 2 10am Starting Times
30 Greens Aeration 9 holes closed
31 Greens Aeration 9 holes closed
4 Black and Blue 9am Shotgun
12 Masters Pro-am Make your own T-Time before 2pm
25 Habitat for Humanity 1pm Shotgun
2 FUMA Golf Tournament 8:30am Shotgun
3 Match Play Qualifying Begins Make your own t-Time
3 Fluvanna Girls Softball Tournament 1pm Shotgun 
9 Match Play Qualifying Ends Make your own t-Time
14 Jefferson League host Farmington 9am Shotgun
16 Faulconer Invitational Round 1 8am Starting Times
17 Faulconer  Invitational Round 2 8am Starting Times
19 9-hole Ladies Invitational 9am Shutgun lunch at 11:30
21 Senior Travelers host Glenmore 9am Shotgun
23 Flag Tournament Make your own T-Time
24 Match Play Round 1 Complete  
28 Jefferson League host Lake of the Woods 10am Shotgun
5 Match Play Round 2 Complete  
6 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
7 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
18 Senior Travelers host Old Trail 9am Shotgun
20 Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue 8am shotgun
21 US Open Pro-am Make your own T-Time
21 Match Play Round 3 Complete  
28 Red-White & Blue Make your own T-Time
5 Match Play Finals Complete  
9 Senior Travelers host Waynesboro 9am Shotgun
15 Fairway Aeration Delayed opening until 11am
16 Senior Travelers host Birdwood 9am Shotgun
25 Member-Member Round 1 8:30am Starting times
26 Member-Member Round 2 8:30am Shotgun
13 Jefferson League host Greene Hills 9am Shotgun 
15 Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
16 Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
20 Senior Travelers host Stoney Creek 9am Shotgun 
22 Couples Championship 9:30am Starting Times
26 Dry-Ject Greens Delayed opening until 11am
29 Monticello Cup 9am Shotgun 
30 Monticello Cup 9am Shotgun 
12 Rivanna Lion's Club Golf Tournament 12:30 Shotgun
20 Saint's Peter and Paul Golf Tournament 1pm Shotgun
5 Greens Aeration 9-holes closed
6 Greens Aeration 9-holes closed
8 Senior Travelers host Greene Hills 9am Shotgun
11 2-Person Member Scramble 9am Shotgun
22 Senior Travelers host Farmington 9am Shotgun